Maxwel Agency - An Innovative Partnership to Help You Achieve More

An Innovative Partnership to Help You Achieve More

Professional Partnership with Maxwel Agency

Maxwel Agency offers Project Management and Operations services for individuals and businesses seeking experienced, trustworthy and reliable assistance.

We pride ourselves on top-level efficiency, discretion, and expertise – offering a quality partnership custom-built for you.

Our Clients



We are here to help maximize company growth and opportunities. Save time with overhead costs with unprecedented support from an operations manager. We can assist with expansion logistics such as: developing and implementing systems, recruiting, vendor relations, work-spaces, billing management etc.



Maxwel Agency is a reliable partnership to help executives navigate across multiple initiatives such as business ventures, boards or investments.


Corporate Teams

Maxwel Agency provides project management support for internal transitions. We create an efficient strategic plan that aligns with your objectives to achieve organizational success. With our knowledge, methods and skills, we are able to drive and execute work streams in a seamless manner.

We are committed to honoring your time, trust and privacy

Kayla Dole


Kayla Dole is an entrepreneur to help you achieve more. She brought her business to Los Angeles to launch Maxwel Agency — a premium solution for best-in-class services.

Kayla has over 12 years of experience supporting professionals from recording artists to CEOs. Familiar with the Los Angeles market and the fast pace of New York, she knows how to manage the unmanageable.

Kayla Dole - Maxwel Agency - Innovative Operations Specialist for Professionals

Maxwel Agency was founded to bring you value and efficiency